Meet Kayla

Thank you for stopping by my website! First off, allow me to introduce myself….I am Kayla Jones, the owner/artist for Kayla Jones Photography. I am based in Charleston, South Carolina. I am a wife, a mom to 4 boys, a follower of Christ, and an artist. My passion is art, whether that be designing or photographing or simply crafting with my boys. I have been a graphic designer for 14 years and a photographer for 9 years. I graduated from the Art Institute with a major in Graphic Design. My husband and I have a separate company that focuses on our art. Be sure to check us out at Gray House Design Co.


My Style of Photography

There are so many photographer's in the Charleston area, a simple google search will tell you that. I have a very specific style of photography, which can be viewed in my gallery page. I will let you decide what sets me apart from those other photographers. I strive to keep learning new techniques in my field to produce fresh, modern portraits that you will be proud to display on your walls or on your website. I love capturing "in the moment" photographs, little baby hands and feet, a sweet kiss between husband and wife or a grandparent embracing their grandchild. I understand that trying to get a small child to sit still for a photograph is a challenge, remember...I have 4 boys! I will do my best to make sure you are as comfortable as possible and I will try my best to tell your family's unique story through the lens.